Purchase and recycling of printed circuit boards

Purchase and recycling of printed circuit boards

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Českomoravská recycling company Ltd. is a healthy, financially independent, dynamically developing company which is specialized in the processing and recycling of printed circuit boards (PCBs). Management intention is to provide for its suppliers the most comprehensive services and to be responsive to customer requirements.


Our main goal is to become a strategic partner for our regular suppliers to whom we are able to set the best conditions for their satisfaction. The company cooperates with business partners throughout the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, the Baltics, Central and Eastern Europe.


Our material is processed in major European refineries.


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Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are carefully purified from all undesirable elements (Fe frames, aluminum radiator, plastic frames, batteries, etc. ...) in our sheltered workshop.


The material prepared by this way is exactly sorted into categories, which are determined by the content of metals and their yield. The aim of such extremely precise material preparation is to achieve the best yields and thus the best result, which influences the purchase prices for our suppliers.


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We are not a company that is trading material for fixed prices (CZK / kg) because of this fact our prices are set by the refining yields and we do not publish any official price list. Prices are offered after each business meeting with our supplier during which is performed material categorization and set the purchasing price, which is influenced by the monthly supplied quantity.


We are able to offer the best price and terms and conditions thanks to this individual approach to suppliers. The price is determined by the actual exchange rate of precious metals which are refined from material (PCBs).

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Českomoravská recyklační společnost s.r.o.

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